Powerful Tools Of The Trade For Bloggers [2021 Update]

The fact is, there are a lot of blogging tools out there, and choosing the right ones can make or break your blogging business.

I’ve been blogging for some time now, but when I first started, I didn’t know what tools to use.

So, what did I do? 

I tried a ton of different blogging tools to find the real game-changers for your blogging business.

In fact, I use all of the blogging tools that I mention below, and I’ll update the post as required.

Let’s dive in.

Essential Blogging Tools

These are the essential blogging tools that I use in 2021 on all my websites, including this one.



Bluehost is my go-to shared hosting service for all my new WordPress websites.

They are affordable, host over 2 million websites, and are officially recommended by WordPress.

If you’re starting a website, you can’t go wrong with Bluehost.


GeneratePress Lightweight Responsive WordPress Theme

GeneratePress is the best WordPress theme I’ve ever used. Period.

I currently use GeneratePress on this website to keep it SUPER fast, without compromising any feature.

GeneratePress is free; however, I suggest you get the premium modules because it’s worth every penny.

Their support is AMAZING, all of their answers are public, so if you ever have any questions, you can search it on Google to find the answers. I never had to ask any question in their forum because someone had already asked that question so, I could apply the solution instantly.

If you can’t find the solution by searching on Google and have to ask in the forum, you’ll get a reply from their support team, almost instantly. After all, you don’t want to wait days to make the required changes to your website.



SEMrush is the best keyword research tool I’ve found.

Before you start writing your content, you need to do some keyword research to rank on Google, and I use SEMrush for all my keyword research purposes.

I suggest that you get the free trial of SEMrush.



As I’ve mentioned in my post on writing SUPER ENGAGING content, you should always outline your posts before you start writing.

This way, you can break your post into multiple parts and tackle them one at a time.

And Dynalist is the best outliner I’ve found. The free version should be more than enough.

In fact, I used the free version of Dynalist to outline this post.

Google Docs

google docs image

I use Google Docs to write all my drafts.

It can handle almost any document. It has a basic spell checker, word counter, auto-save, and a lot of features.

The best part?

It’s completely free, and I LOVE it.



Grammarly is the best online proofreader and plagiarism checker.

I am not an English major, and I make mistakes while writing. Grammarly is a GREAT tool that helps me fix those mistakes.

I’ve tried another proofreader and compared it to Grammarly, and I believe Grammarly is WAY better.

You should definitely try Grammarly for free.



Canva is the best tool for all your design needs.

I use Canva to design all the graphics in my blog, including the logo and banners.

It’s super easy to use, and you can use it to design almost anything, just by dragging and dropping.

The free version of Canva is generous for most of your projects.

Google Analytics


Google Analytics helps you track and analyze your website traffic… for free.

For example, you can track how many new visitors you get, how long they stay, how many pages they view on average… and much more.

Extra Tools That I use

To take your blog from ordinary to Extraordinary.

Link Whisper


Link Whisper is the best Internal Linking Plugin.

Have you noticed that I link to my other posts from this post? Maybe you clicked on some of that.

Those are internal links that can help you increase your dwell time, and I used Link Whisper to find those internal linking opportunities. 

You can check my full review of the Link Whisper Plugin.


Novashare A Fast and Lightweight Social Sharing Plugin for WordPress

Novashare is the lightest social sharing plugin that I use to get the social share buttons on the left and bottom of the page.

Why should you use it?

If people like your content, Novashare makes it easier for them to share your content with their friends and followers, which can help you gain more exposure… and visitors.

As I said, Novashare is the lightest social sharing plugin, which means that you won’t have to compromise the speed of your website.

Pretty Links

The Only URL Shortener Link Cloaker You ll Ever Need

Pretty Links is the best link cloaking plugin.

If you’re an affiliate marketer, you know that most of the affiliate links are long and messy.

I use Pretty Links to make my long and messy affiliate links short and pretty.

The best thing about using Pretty Links is that when you need to replace your affiliate link, you won’t have to go to every post that has your affiliate link and replace it one by one.

Instead, you’ll only have to replace it once at your Pretty Links dashboard.

WP Rocket

Caching Plugin for WordPress Speed up your website with WP Rocket

WP Rocket is the best performance optimization plugin.

I use it to increase my site speed, and it works well.

Now, You Tell Me

I hope you found some useful tools for your blogging business in this post.

What’s your favorite blogging tool?

Let me know in the comment below.

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