Link Whisper Review (2022): The Best Internal Linking Plugin?

This is my in-depth review of the Link Whisper plugin.

So if you’re considering getting Link Whisper in 2022, then this Link Whisper review will help you with your decision.

But first…

There are two ways to link to any online page or resource:

Internal and external.

Internal links take you to pages on the same domain.

For example:

If you click on “Write Amazing Content”, you’ll be taken to a different post on Kickass Blogger (same domain).

But external links point to pages on some other domain, so if you click on “Wikipedia” you’ll be taken outside Kickass Blogger to a different domain.

Why Is Internal Linking Important?

Internal linking helps Google crawl your site faster.

It helps your audience by showing them more relevant content on your site.

And it also helps you improve your dwell time and reduce the bounce rate, which can improve your rankings in Google.


Well, when someone clicks on your site for some keyword result and spends a lot of time on your site, it tells Google that people love your post for this keyword, so they push your website higher.

Not only that.

Internal linking can also improve your rankings by passing link juice from posts with more backlinks to your new post that doesn’t have any.

In short: you can’t ignore internal linking if you want higher rankings.

Link Whisper is an AMAZING WordPress plugin that uses Natural Language Processing (NLP, a branch of Artificial Intelligence) to find smart internal link opportunities for you.

And the way it does that is different from other similar plugins.

When you install Link Whisper, it analyzes your whole site, and after that, Link Whisper periodically scans your website to keep the link suggestions up to date.

While most internal linking plugins take the control away from you by automatically inserting links based on keywords after you’ve published your post.

Link Whisper gives you suggestions as you write your post.

Outbound Internal Links

When you’re writing a blog post and want to link out to other URLs on your blog, you can easily do that by scrolling to the bottom of your WordPress editor.

Here, you’ll find the Link Whisper suggested links.

link whisper outbound

On the left, you can see the phrases from the article that you’re writing, and on the right is the post that Link Whisper recommends you link out to.

You can also set it only to show the links from the same category.

linkwhisper categories

As you can see, it also recommends the anchor text, which you can customize by clicking on the words.

linkwhisper click edit 2

And if you don’t like any suggestion, you can click on the ‘+’ sign to pick an alternative.

linkwhisper custom outbound 1

Finally, select the checkboxes of the suggestions that you like and hit ‘Update Post.’

linkwhisper update

Inbound Internal Links

We looked at ‘Outbound Internal Links’ above, which linked out to different posts on your blog from a single article.

But what if you want to build internal links for a specific post from different articles.

Well, that’s where inbound internal links come into play.

Head over to the Link Whisper Dashboard ⇒ Links Report.

linkwhisper link reports

Click on ‘Add’, next to the post you want links to.

linkwhisper add

And Link Whisper will give you suggestions, which you can narrow down by searching the keyword you want internal links from.

inbound suggestions

As with outbound internal link suggestions, you can click on the anchor text to change it.

Finally, select the posts and hit ‘Add Links’, Link Whisper will edit the posts to give you links with the selected anchor texts.

add inbound links

Ignore Links

If you don’t want Link Whisper to suggest any links, you can easily ignore them.


Either you can do it directly from the ‘Suggested Links’ tab in the WordPress Editor…

ignore link

…or you can do it in bulk by heading over to the Link Whisper settings.

ignore posts

You can also ignore any categories from the Link Whisper settings.

URL Changer

It allows you to bulk change all the instances of a URL at once, so you won’t have to go to every single post and change it one by one.

url changer

You can use the URL Changer to change an old like to a shorter version, which is helpful if you ever change your URL structure.

Note: It’s not a 301 redirect, it actually goes inside your posts and changes all the existing links.

Auto Linking

Link Whisper recently added auto-linking, which is great because now you can automatically create internal links whenever a keyword is mentioned.

auto link

For example:

If you want to link the keyword “start a blog” to a post, you can automatically do that with Auto-Linking.

It will not only link all the past mentions of the keyword but also any future mentions of the phrase.

But you don’t always want that.

I mean, adding the same link to the same keyword 10s of times in a single post would probably irritate your audience.

That’s why there are two options that you can use to customize it:

auto link options
  1. Do you want to add the link even if the post already has this link? I don’t think so.
  2. Only link once (per keyword) per post. I recommend this.

Detailed Reporting

Link Whisper gives you a simple, good-looking reports dashboard.

linkwhisper dashboard

One of the BEST features of Link Whisper is its ability to find posts with no internal links pointing to them. (i.e., orphaned posts)

Think about it.

If your audience couldn’t find your AWESOME post, then what was the point of writing it?

But if you use Link Whisper to find the orphaned posts, then you can send them link juice by strategically internal linking them.

Not only will it improve your rankings in Google, but it’ll also help your current audience find your posts.

You can also sort the reports from the Links Report tab to find orphaned posts, or the posts with less internal links pointing to them.

links report

Then, the Domains Report shows you what external domains you’re linking to.

domain report

And the Error Report will help you identify any broken external or internal links on your blog, so you can quickly fix or remove them instead of passing link juice to them.

Link Whisper Pricing

First, Link Whisper recently introduced a free version of the plugin with limited functionality.

You’ll get link suggestions with the free version of Link Whisper, but you cannot insert them by just clicking. Instead you’ll have to copy-paste the links manually.

And you cannot use the reports to find, and insert the links automatically.

Now, here’s the price breakdown for each Link Whisper license:

linkwhisper price

As you can see, the more sites you have, the more affordable Link Whisper becomes.

It costs $77 a site if you get a single site license. Expensive.

But if you get the 3 site license, then it only costs $39 per website. Not bad.

And if you get the 10 site license, the cost significantly reduces to only $16.7 per site. Awesome.

Link Whisper FAQ

Will the links disappear if Link Whisper is removed?

No, don’t worry. Your links will remain even if you remove Link Whisper.

All the links added by link whisper are permanent, just like any other links on your site.

How to set the links to open in a new window?

You can easily do that, visit the Link Whisper settings page and enable the option to open the links in a new tab.

open link new tab

Will Link Whisper slow down my website?

No, Link Whisper won’t slow your site.

Is Link Whisper compatible with Page Builders?

Yes, Link Whisper is fully compatible with nearly all page builders.

I tested Link Whisper with Elementor and didn’t face any problems.

My Link Whisper Review: The Bottom Line

Whether or not you should get Link Whisper depends on who you are.

If you’re a beginner blogger on a budget with less than 50 posts on your blog, you can manually handle your links. You don’t need Link Whisper because it’s quite expensive for a single site. Or you can try the free version of Link Whisper.

BUT if your blog has more than 50 posts, or you have multiple sites, then Link Whisper is TOTALLY worth the price, because it’s a HUGE time-saver and makes handling internal links so much easier.

Now It’s Your Turn

Get your Link Whisper license, install the plugin, and activate it, to keep the link juice flowing.

If you have any questions about my Link Whisper review, leave a comment below to let me know.

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