5 Best Web Hosting Services (2022 Update)

Here’s the fact:

There are countless web hosting services, but not all of them are equal.

And because there are SO many of them, it becomes really hard to choose the right one.

This is my review of the 5 best web hosting services that you can get for your WordPress blog in 2022.

Let’s dive in.

Things To Know About Web Hosting Services


Your website’s uptime is VERY important.

It’s the amount of time that a server’s been up and running without any interruption.

What does it mean?

For you, it means the amount of time your website will be online and accessible to your visitors.

If your visitors can’t access your site, they’re going to be frustrated, and may never revisit your site.

And that means less money for you.

Better Uptime ⇒ Better Time For Your Customers ⇒ Better Sales For You.

Every host I mention here had an Uptime of 99.9% or higher last year.

Now, you might think to yourself:

If Uptime is so essential, isn’t there a host that guarantees 100% uptime?

Well, no.

Because of unpredictable natural disasters, hardware failures, and human error, they can’t promise you 100% uptime.

When they do, it generally means that you’ll receive some refund if their servers go down.

Even Facebook, Amazon, and Google go down sometimes.

Every web host mentioned here has a good track record of not having much downtime, and of recovering fast even if they do.

Customer Service

I know it’s frustrating when you have to wait for more than 30 minutes on hold while your site is down.

Especially if you’re a beginner, you’ll need a web host that you can rely upon through thick and thin.

You should be able to contact their technical teams in multiple ways: live chat, email, or phone support.

So I decided to call the hosting company’s technical support, and these are the times I was on hold before speaking to a person. You can expect similar times.

Web HostMinutes
WP Engine1.40

The above times are the average of calling their technical support daily for five days. I made the calls within 15 minutes of each other, for consistency.

All the hosts mentioned here go ultra with their 24/7, genuinely helpful technical support with short hold times.

Beware of Price Distortion

Most web hosting services offer low prices for your first order but they will raise the rates on renewal.

You may have to pay double or triple the amount that you paid for your first order.

Suppose you paid $2.95/mo for your first order. Then on renewal, you’ll have to pay $6-9/mo for the same plan and benefits.

That’s why you should get their 1-3 year package at introductory prices.

Also, many web hosting services will give you a “free domain,” but that’s only for the first year. Later, you’ll have to pay between $10-20/year, as mentioned on their site.

Furthermore, at the time of checkout, some hosting companies will try to upsell you some services you didn’t select. I recommend you uncheck those.

Server Speed

Google already confirmed that site speed is a critical ranking factor for your site.

Here’s the deal:

If your website loads slow, not only will you lose visitors, but you’ll also suffer from:

  • Higher bounce rates
  • Lower rankings
  • Lower page views
  • Lower conversion rates
  • Lower profits

But what does that mean for you in terms of m..mo…money?

Well, it means that if your website:

  • receives 30k monthly visitors
  • has around 6% conversion rate
  • has an average order value of $15

Then, you can increase your income by more than $12.8k, just by decreasing your site speed by 0.6 seconds.

word image 162

If you already have a website, use this calculator by Google to find out what site speed means for you.

So, you must get the fastest web host for your buck, or else, it could be disastrous for your site.

What’s the bottom line?

Well, I tested every hosting provider mentioned here, so you don’t have to.


I built 7 test blogs with the following specifications, each on different host:

  • Nine high-resolution photos
  • 900 words of dummy content
  • Astra theme
  • Elementor plugin

So they all had identical WordPress setup.

Then I used GTMetrix to measure page load time of these web hosting services.

The result?

Web HostTime
WP Engine2.19s

Best Web Hosting Services In 2022

Bluehost: Best Web Hosting Services


Bluehost Server Locations:

  • USA
  • India

Bluehost is one of my top choices for new bloggers.

They’ve been around since 2003, and now host more than 2 million websites.

And they’re officially recommended by WordPresss.

You can host multiple sites on the same hosting package.

You can contact their support 24/7.

You get unlimited storage, traffic, and bandwidth for the price of a cup of coffee.

The best part?

You’ll also get a free domain and free SSL, which helps when you’re just beginning and budget can be an issue.

Their well-optimized servers will allow you to install WordPress in minutes.

Here’s a quick summary of Bluehost features:

  • Free domain (significant saving)
  • 24/7 support
  • Easy to use
  • Affordable price
  • Unlimited traffic
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Unlimited storage
  • Optimized server for WordPress
  • Free SSL
  • PHP 7.0
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Bluehost Cons:

  • Support can be slow during peak times.
  • HUGE discounts only for long term plans.
  • No free site migration.

Click here to get a 70% exclusive discount.

Siteground: Best Web Hosting Services


SiteGround Server locations:

  • UK
  • USA
  • Netherland
  • Singapore

So I’ve been using SiteGround since 2017, and whenever I have a problem, their support team always comes to the rescue.

Here’s the truth:

You won’t find any shared hosting that offers support with such quality and speed.

They are continually adding new features, and are one of the few hosts with PHP 7.3 support.

Their in-house cacher, Supercacher, will make your site SUPER fast so that your site won’t compromise speed, even when your website receives high traffic.

SiteGround Pros:

  • Awesome 24/7 support
  • Free SSL and CDN on all plans
  • Free backup and restoration on all plans
  • Free migration on GrowBig and GoGeek plans
  • Staging environment
  • Exclusive plugins
  • Hacking and Malware protection
  • Auto-updates of plugins and application
  • PHP 7.3 support
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

SiteGround Cons:

  • Higher renewals
  • No free domain
  • Limited storage
  • Limited traffic
  • Setup fee for monthly payment

SiteGround has increased their prices again, I recommend Bluehost for beginners.

Click here to get SiteGround

GreenGeeks: Best Web Hosting Services

word image 163

GreenGeeks Server Locations:

  • USA
  • Canada
  • Netherland

GreenGeeks has a higher mission than just providing web hosting.

You’ll like that, if you’re concerned about climate change.

They purchase 3X wind energy credits to compensate for the energy their data centers use.

They replace over 615,000 KWH/year, thanks to their loyal customers.

You might find it comforting that you’re negating 3X the carbon footprint your website generates.

Not only that.

Their SSD hard drives ensure that your website’s as fast as the wind.

GreenGeeks Pros:

  • Free domain
  • Free CDN
  • Fast servers
  • SSD Hard Drives
  • Built-in Caching
  • PHP 7.0
  • 24/7 support
  • Proactive security monitoring
  • Nightly Backups
  • Automatic App Updates

GreenGeeks Cons:

  • Higher renewals
  • Questionable refund policy
  • Chat support isn’t reliable
  • Misleading pricing

Click the link below to get a 60% discount, Free SSL, and a Free domain on your first GreenGeeks purchase.

Kinsta: Best Web Hosting Services

word image 164

If you have a HUGE website, then Kinsta is the PERFECT choice for you.

But if you’re just starting, then you should check out the web hosts mentioned above.

You can choose from twenty-three different data centers, which helps you target customers from a particular country.

You can get started with Kinsta for $30/mo that allows 20,000visits/mo.

Kinsta Pros:

  • AWESOME customer support.
  • Daily backups.
  • Free SSL.
  • Free CDN.
  • Free site migration.
  • Google Cloud Platform.
  • Built for Speed.
  • Premium DNS management.
  • Multiple server locations.
  • Staging environment.
  • Advanced analytics.

Kinsta Cons:

  • Not over priced, but expensive.
  • No email hosting.
  • No multisite support for their Starter plan.
  • Some plugins aren’t allowed.

Click the link below to go to Kinsta.

WPEngine: Best Web Hosting Services

word image 165

You can’t go wrong with WPEngine’s managed hosting if performance is what you’re after.

Plus, you get 35+ StudioPress themes for free on every plan.

I especially like their geo-targeting feature that allows you to show different content in different locations.

You can get started with WPEngine for $35 that allows 25,000 visits/mo.

WPengine Pros:

  • Free CDN
  • Free SSL
  • Offers shared + Dedicated clusters for hosting
  • StudioPress themes included with all plans
  • Dev, Prod, Stage Environments
  • Geo IP addon
  • PHP 7.X+

WPEngine Cons:

  • Expensive for many.
  • Certain plugins not allowed.
  • No email hosting.

Click the link below to get a 20% discount on WPEngine.

What Does It Mean?

I could have made a GIANT list of best web hosting services, but that would only make things more difficult for you.

To keep it simple, here’s the conclusion:

Best Web Hosting Services For New Websites:

  1. Bluehost
  2. SiteGround
  3. GreenGeeks

If you’re on a budget but still want HIGH performance, unlimited bandwidth and traffic then go for Bluehost, although their support lacks sometime.

Now, if you want the BEST support, AWESOME performance and can afford their higher renewals, then go with SiteGround, although their limited storage and traffic can be a deal breaker.

But if you want to support the environment and have a fast website, then GreenGeeks is the right choice for you, but their pricing can be a problem.

Best Web Hosting Services For Growing Websites:

  1. SiteGround
  2. Kinsta

If you don’t mind the high price of Kinsta then definitely get it. It is the BEST in support as-well-as performance.

But if you’re looking for something more affordable, then you can’t go wrong with SiteGround.

Best Web Hosting Services For HUGE Websites:

  1. Kinsta
  2. WPEngine

I prefer Kinsta over WPEngine, but some of the other bloggers like WPEngine’s Managed hosting more.

In any case, both of these hosts have proven their worth and will never let you down no matter how big your site grows.

Best Web Hosting Services FAQ

What the heck is web hosting?

Your website is made of many files, and when someone visits your site their browser needs to receive those files to show them your awesome website.

These web hosting companies store your website files on their computers(servers) and keep them online. So when someone visits, the server sends your website (files) to their browser, making it possible for your visitor to access it.

word image 166

Do web hosting companies give refunds?

Yes, most web hosts offer anywhere between 7-45 days money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with them.

Can I change my web hosting later?

Yes you can always change your web host anytime.

In fact, I recommend that you do so as your site grows.

How much storage do I need?

I recommended that you should get at least 10GB storage.

Most of my long posts with hundreds of images take anywhere between 10-30MB.

Do I get a custom email that uses my domain name?

Yes, most web hosts give you unlimited custom emails that use your domain name so that you look professional while contacting others.

Which data center location should I choose?

You should select the data center location that is closest to the audience that you’re targeting.

For example, if you’re targeting UK customers then your server should be in the UK or closest to it.

Now It’s Your Turn

I hope this review of best web hosting services helped you.

Now I’d like to hear from you:

Have you used any of these web hosting services in the past? Or maybe you’re currently using one of them? How’s your experience with them?

Or maybe you have some more questions?

Either way, leave a comment to let me know right now.

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