Best Blogging Tools: The Complete List (2021 Update)

If you want to see the best blogging tools in 2021, all in one place, then you’ll love this (updated) post.

I personally tested and reviewed over a hundred free and paid blogging tools.

And I’m sure you’ll find the best blogging tool for you.

Check it out:

Best SEO Tools 2021

Ahrefs  1

Ahrefs is the best backlink analysis tool you can get.

It’s SUPER easy to use and has a MASSIVE index of over a trillion links that’s updated daily.


Yoast is the most popular SEO plugin for WordPress.


Because it works.


SEMrush is a SUPER powerful keyword research tool that shows you every single keyword that your competitor ranks for.

ContentKing App

Unlike other SEO audit tools, ContentKing App proactively crawls your site for errors and notifies you if any issues occur.


DareBoost tests your site’s performance and gives you detailed steps on how you can improve it.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a must-have analytics tool that helps you track your blog and your user’s behavior so that you can optimize your blog for better results.

Analytics Ghost Spam Blocker

google analytics referrer spam killer1 edited

Link your Google Analytics account with this free tool to remove hundreds of known spammy referrer sites, and your Analytics data will become as clean as possible.

Google Search Console

GSC is a set of tools for webmasters by Google that helps you measure your site’s traffic and performance, fix any issues so that you can rank high on Google.

Google Keyword Planner

GKP is a keyword research tool straight from Google.

KWFinder  1

KWFinder is a SUPER easy to use alternative to the GKP. 

Just enter a keyword and get search volume, PPC, CPC, and keyword difficulty in seconds.

Best Hosting Services 2021


Bluehost is the most popular, affordable web host. They’re officially recommended by WordPress and host over 2 million sites.

If you’re on a budget but don’t want to compromise on performance, then Bluehost is the right choice.

P.S: You’ll also get a free domain.


Siteground has the BEST customer service and performance compared to any other shared hosting. Just like Bluehost, they’re also recommended by WordPress. 

But their renewal rates are high, and you won’t get a free domain.



Cloudways makes it easier for non-technical people to host their websites on the most popular cloud services like AWS, Google Cloud, Digital Ocean, etc., for an affordable price.


kinsta edited

Kinsta is expensive, but they’re the PERFECT solution for you if you have a HUGE blog… and want to grow it to the next level, or if you can afford it.

Their unparalleled customer service and performance is the BEST in the whole industry. Enough said.

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Best Email Marketing Services 2021


ConvertKit is the fastest growing email marketing company because of it’s ease-of-use, automation, and other features.

They also offer landing pages and customizable sign-up forms to help you get more email subscribers.

The best part?

They only charge for unique subscribers.

And they’ve recently started a free plan that can help you manage your first 500 subscribers.


GetResponse is an affordable alternative to ConvertKit but can take some time to get used to.

And they charge for duplicate emails.  edited

Want to know someone’s email when you can’t find it on their website, so you can contact them to build links?

Enter a domain into hunter, and you’ll get a list of all the emails that its database has.

You can make 50 requests every month for free or get a paid plan to increase it.


Mailshake is one of the best email outreach tool that helps you send personalized emails & follow-ups automatically.

Best Design Tools For Bloggers 2021


Elementor is the best FREE drag-and-drop page builder for WordPress that you can use to easily design your blog… by dragging-and-dropping instead of coding.

Brandcolors  edited

Big brands spend millions of dollars in branding to put together the best color schemes.

BrandColors is the biggest collection of color codes of more than 600 biggest companies like AirBnB and Coca-Cola.

Google Fonts

google fonts edited

A collection of 991 free and open-source web-optimized fonts that you can easily add to your blog.


Looka uses AI to design your custom logo in minutes.

You can choose and edit your logo for free and only pay when you’re 100% satisfied.


Generate infinite color palettes and tweak it to your taste. Tap the spacebar to generate a new palette.

You can lock any color from the palette and then continue to generate more until you find your ultimate color combination.

Fontjoy  edited

Fontjoy uses deep learning to make font pairing simple.

You can select the contrast and generate new font pairs, lock the ones you like and continue until you decide.



Wizlogo is an online logo creator that generates thousands of logo ideas so you can choose the one you like and modify it as many times as you want.

As with Looka, you’ll only have to pay to download the final version.

You can also download your logo for free, but at a lower quality.


Iconfinder has a collection of more than 4.4 million free and premium icons.

You can download most of the premium icons for a dollar or two if you don’t want to buy a monthly subscription.


Flaticon has thousands of free icons that you can download and use in your blog, but you’ll have to add a link to their website and credit the author.

You can buy their premium subscription to gain access to more than 2.9 million icons and use them without any attribution.

Best Graphic Design Resources For Bloggers 2021


Canva is the most popular freemium graphic design platform that you can use to design anything you can think of in minutes: logos, banners, book covers, social media graphics, t-shirts, infographics… and the list goes on and on.

Not only that.

You also get access to more than:

  • 65,000 templates that you can easily edit.
  • 500,000 illustrations and icons.
  • Millions of photos.
  • Thousands of fonts.

I use Canva to design all my graphics, and I strongly recommend it.



FreePik has a collection of over 2.5 million vectors that you can use personally as-well-as commercially for free.

Humaaans  edited

Humaaans is a free library of highly customizable illustrations of… humans.

You can use it to create any human you can imagine.

Stencil  edited

Stencil is an easy to use online image editor and graphic design tool. 

Their goal is to help bloggers create high-quality graphics for social media quickly, even with zero experience.


A collection of open-source illustrations for any project you can imagine.

You can change the colors of all the illustrations at once to match them with your brand.


Vexels has tons of ready-made graphic resources that you can use right away. Many of them are editable, so you can customize them to your needs, especially useful for getting merch graphics.

Best Infographic Maker 2021


Want to create beautiful graphical representations of data quickly with the help of hundreds of templates? Look no further.

Venngage  edited

Venngage is one of the best infographic maker. It’s an easy to use tool for non-designers to create great-looking infographics, presentations, reports, and more.

PiktoChart  edited

Piktochart is an online graphic design tool you can use to easily create infographics, posters, flyers, presentations, and reports.


www.visme .co

A free online design tool to create professional-looking infographics, blog images, social media posts, and more.

With the help of hundreds of templates provided by them, you can create attractive graphics in minutes.

Best Content Idea Generators 2021

BuzzSumo  edited

BuzzSumo allows you to find the content with lots of shares and engagement on any topic or website.

I know, that doesn’t tell you whether the content went viral temporarily or if it’s still getting shares.

So BuzzSumo’s Evergreen Score shows you the content that people engage with and share months after it was first published.


AnswerThePublic combines the suggested searches from Google and Bing with a question scraper.

You can use it to find the questions that your target audience is searching for.

Google Trends  edited

Google Trends shows you whether your keyword is getting more or less popular over time, which can save you from optimizing your content around a dying keyword.

HubSpot’s Blog Topic Generator  edited

Enter up to five nouns and get back five blog topic ideas.

AllTop  edited

AllTop is a super-helpful website that hand-curates the best blogs in every industry.

ContentRow’s Link Bait Title Generator  edited

Want to generate clickbait titles that beg to be clicked on? Look no further.

Portent Idea Generator

Enter a keyword and get back blog topic suggestions.

Some of Portent’s suggestions are silly, others are humorous, but if you spend enough time, you’ll surely find some gems.


www.quora .com  edited

Quora is a popular Q&A site.

Search for your keyword and check out some questions that people are asking to get blog content ideas.

Don’t forget the related questions.


Reddit has subreddits(communities) for almost every niche imaginable.

Find an active subreddit where your target audience hangs out and check out the questions that they’re asking.

If someone asks a question on Reddit, it usually means that they couldn’t find the answers on Google, which makes them GREAT content ideas for blog posts.

UpWorthy Title Generator

Do you want to generate viral topics?

Use this generator to get UpWorthy like titles.


Youtube is the largest video search engine.

Search for your keyword and watch some of the top videos and check out their title to get content ideas.

Best Headline Analyzers 2021

EMV Analyzer

Want to get LOTS of clicks and shares?

Use Emotional Headlines.

And you can find out your Emotional Marketing Value(EMV) score by using this free headline analyzer.

Try to get your EMV score above 25%.

CoSchedule’s Headline Analyzer

Coschedule’s Headline Analyzer gives your headline a score based on a bunch of factors.

And recommends lots of actionable tips that you can use to make it even better.

Best Writing Software 2021


Dynalist is an outliner that helps you outline your blog posts, so you can break it down into many small topics and not be overwhelmed by it.

You get a 14-day trial of the pro version, but even after that, the free version will be more than enough for most.

Google Docs

Google Docs is a free, powerful, online word processor that lets you collaborate with others in real-time.

Most Dangerous Writing App

Don’t feel like writing?

Use the most dangerous writing app to get in the zone. It will delete your content if you stop writing.


A popular online synonym dictionary you can use to find different words with similar meanings.

Urban Dictionary

An online crowdsourced dictionary for words, phrases, and slang.

Best Online Proofreaders 2021


Grammarly is a free, easy-to-use AI-powered grammar checker.

But the real power comes with the premium version which can:

  • improve readability
  • suggest vocabulary enhancements
  • correct your punctuation
  • improve sentence structure
  • check plagiarism
  • and much more.

I use and highly recommend their premium version.


A free AI-powered grammar checker, but it needs work. 

For example, you’ll have to click each sentence to view the errors instead of automatically going to the next error.

Also, you can’t undo your actions, at least I couldn’t.

Hemingway App

A popular proofreading editor that makes you write like Hemingway by reducing:

  • complex sentences
  • weak adverbs
  • passive voice

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Best Stock Image Sites 2021


123RF is one of the largest digital stock agency with over:

  • 90 million images
  • 300K contributors
  • 12 million monthly active users


You can use Flickr to find free creative commons images for your blog.

Google Images

google images

Google Images can find free and reusable images for almost any niche.


Pexels has more than a million high-quality and completely free images for your blog. No attribution is required.


Pixabay has a HUGE collection of royalty-free content.

How huge? 

Well, they have over:

  • 2 million stock photos
  • 250k illustrations
  • 90k+ vectors
  • a thousand videos

And also some free music.

Shutterstock  1

Shutterstock is a stock photo agency with a MASSIVE library of around 200 million stock photos, illustrations, vectors, and over 10 million videos and music tracks.


StockSnap curates the highest-quality images and makes them available to you for free.


You can get over a million freely-usable, high-resolution stock images on Unsplash.

Best Screen Recorders 2021


Camtasia is a VERY powerful screen recorder and video editor available for both Mac and Windows. 

You can use it to create video lessons for YouTube or your course.

Nimbus Capture

Nimbus is an extension for chrome and firefox that can help you:

  • take screenshots
  • edit them
  • share them
  • and record your screen

I use it to take capture of websites directly from my browser, and sometimes I use it to edit them quickly.

OBS Studio

A free and open-source screen recorder and live streaming software.

It can be confusing for beginners.


ShareX is a free and open-source software that can help you:

  • take screenshots
  • edit them
  • record screen
  • record gifs

And it can automatically upload them to multiple image hosting sites like Imgur, Flickr, Google Photos.



Snagit is one of the best (if not the best) screen capturer, editor and recorder.

It has some powerful features like:

  • Grab text, which can extract text from an image.
  • Text Replace, which can help you edit the image text.
  • Simplify Tool, which can convert your screenshots into simplified graphics.

I’ve been using it since last month for editing my screenshots, and so far, I like it.

Best Productivity Tools For Bloggers 2021


Bitwarden is a password manager that is free, open-source, and available for every major platform.

You can save your username and password in it. It can save you time by automatically entering your credentials on every site.

I recommend you use it’s password generator to generate strong and unique passwords for every account.


Buffer makes it easy for you to schedule your social media posts.

You can become more productive by planning and scheduling all your posts for the week or the month on a single day.


Evernote is a cross-platform note-taking application that you can use to sync your notes across all your devices. It will help you stay organized and save time.


Head bursting?

Volcanoes erupting? (in your head)

So many things to do that you do nothing?

What do you do?

Well, you need to give your head some space.

And headspace is a meditation app that teaches you how to… meditate.


IFTTT is a free platform that connects all your different services (apps and devices) and makes them work better.

It stands for ‘if this then that.’

You can use it to automate your tasks like:

  • If you publish a post, share it on your social media.
  • If you receive an email with attachments, save it to your cloud storage.
  • If you upload an image on Instagram, post it on your blog.
  • If the ISS passes over your house, get a notification.

Inbox When Ready for Gmail

It’s a chrome extension that can reduce the time you spend on Gmail.


It hides your inbox by default.

It also allows you to:

  • set a lockout schedule, at that time you can’t access your inbox
  • set how many times you want to check your inbox and the amount of time you want to spend on it
  • hide notifications from category tabs, so you don’t get distracted by them.


Pocket is the future of bookmarking with a distraction-free interface.

It allows you to save any content to your pocket when you’re busy, and you can use tags to organize them.

Then you can get back to them when you’re free.


TickTick is a simple yet powerful to-do app that syncs across every major platform.

Not only that.

It also has:

  • a Pomodoro timer
  • a habit tracker
  • voice input


Trello makes collaboration in managing large projects with a lot of details easier.

Best Outsourcing Sites For Bloggers 2021

99designs  edited

99designs is a platform that connects you with designers all over the world.

Their specialty is logo design. You can either hire a designer or run a design contest, which can cost anywhere between $300-1300.


TextBroker is a marketplace where you can get your article written.

You post an order there with the details, and one of the writers will fulfill your order.

I recommend you get at least 4-star rated content.


A freelance website with some of the best freelancers you can hire, but there are some fake profiles as well, so take your time and review them carefully before hiring.

And when you find some fantastic freelancers, build long-term relationships with them.


Now I want to hear from you.

What do you think of this list about the best blogging tools in 2021?

Was your favorite tool not included here? 

Either way, leave a comment below to let me know.

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